Remote Development Team Building

BestoSoft offers offshore development team and management to meet your outsourcing needs for any software, web, mobile, development / coding / programming projects. Why pay high rates for long term projects or POC (proof of concept  – R&D) based projects. Just pay the monthly fixed cost and get the results done. In this age of SaaS and PaaS why build in-house teams? Letting a team from us will cost you very low and no restrictions for any time period as well when we assure the quality of handpicked team as well!

BestoSoft has built several teams of talented engineering and design professionals who are well-versed and multicultural and seamlessly integrate with existing teams and diverse company cultures to manage and deliver complex projects.

Our expert resources just need your guidelines and can work independently. We hire self motivated, self learning, quick learners with excellent technological command. They excel in engaging in constant/short term communication with daily/task based reporting, short iterations, regular reviews, on-time & on-scope deliveries. Our team will be a natural “team extension” of for your local staff or can work as independent team highly focused on tasks. This approach doesn’t require a substantial upfront investment and runs on a fixed monthly budget. We also provide team monitory solutions that can show you progress going at every second.